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The toilet, an essential fixture in any home, sees frequent use throughout the day, thanks to the call of nature.  Because of the high usage frequency, there is a higher probability of toilet breakdown, whether due to misuse or simply due to wear and tear. 

Dealing with a faulty toilet, whether it is a leaky WC flush or a loose toilet seat, can be frustrating and disruptive. However, by addressing toilet problems promptly, you can minimize stress and ensure the smooth operation of this vital fixture.

Common Toilet Problems

Toilet problems can come in many forms and severity, ranging from leaky toilets to clogged toilets.

We often see problems like loose flush handles, stuck toilet flush buttons, or sunken toilet flush buttons.

Toilet Flush Button Stuck

Or maybe your toilet does not flush completely or flushes sluggishly/weakly or worse, the toilet does not flush at all. 

Sometimes we see a toilet that runs continuously or there are phantom flushes.

Toilet Runs Continuously

For such issues, check what is the problem with your toilet bowl flush mechanism. Whether it can be repaired, or if the entire faulty toilet flush mechanism needs to be replaced.

Toilet Flush Mechanism

When toilet paper, human excretion, or even foreign objects clog up the toilet bowl, it can cause the toilet to overflow, creating a big mess and emitting an unbearable stench.

If you constantly find a puddle of water on the floor around the base of your toilet, this may be caused by a crack in the toilet base or a crack in the toilet cistern (also known as the toilet tank).

Leaking From Base Of Toilet Bowl

Some toilet problems (eg. misaligned toilet seats) can be fixed easily with minor adjustments that require no disassembly or replacement parts.  If minor adjustments cannot fix the problem, expert plumbers will need to perform further repairs.

Toilet Seat Misaligned

DIY Toilet Repairs

Fixing Loose Toilet Seats

Fix that loose toilet seat yourself by tightening the loose nut on the seat bolts. If the nut is corroded or stripped, replace the bolts and nuts. Or simply replace the entire toilet seat. 

Loose Toilet Seat
Loose Toilet Seat Bolt
Toilet Bowl Not Refilling Well / Incomplete Refills

If the water in the toilet bowl does not refill properly, it may be due to clogged holes on the underside of the bowl rim. Use a stiff-bristled brush and liquid cleaner to clear debris from these holes. This action can often resolve the issue without the need for professional intervention. 

Resolving Phantom Flushes

Phantom flushes are characterized by weak flushes occurring without manual activation. They are often caused by faulty flappers. Ensure the flapper seals completely against the flush valve’s seat and untangle the chain to prevent phantom flushes. If phantom flushes persist, try replacing the flapper to restore proper flushing functionality.

Dealing With Incomplete Flushes

When a toilet fails to flush completely, adjust the lever and chain for the flapper and/or tank ball. This may help improve flushing performance. If adjustments prove ineffective, clean or replace the handle mechanism to ensure consistent flushing.

When to Call the Plumbers

There are so many possible issues that may crop up in the toilet. While many toilet problems can be resolved through DIY repair efforts using a few simple tools and by making some minor adjustments, other issues may require the expertise of a professional plumber.

Complex problems like persistent clogs or malfunctioning flush systems may necessitate specialized tools and knowledge to address them effectively.

However, not everybody is willing to take up the messy job of clearing toilet clogs or may not wish to spend an entire weekend troubleshooting that faulty flush system.

Fret not.  Simply contact a trusted plumbing service provider like Singapore Plumbing Works and our company will send an experienced and reliable plumbing expert to quickly diagnose and repair your toilet problems in no time.


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