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Need professional help to fix your faulty or leaky tap or faucet?

Repair Taps and Faucets

Water taps and faucets are essential fixtures found in various areas like bathrooms, kitchens, and outdoor spaces in Singapore homes.

With frequent use, taps/faucets are prone to wear and tear, leading to leaks and other issues. By addressing these problems promptly, we can prevent further damage and excessive water wastage.

By simply replacing certain worn or faulty parts, we can fix some tap/faucet issues.  Other times, we may need to replace the entire tap/faucet unit to solve the problem.

Here’s everything you need to know about repairing water taps/faucets to keep your home running smoothly.

Common Signs of Tap/Faucet Problems

Identifying the signs of water tap/faucet issues early can save you from unnecessary hassle and expenses. Look out for these common indicators that your tap/faucet needs repairs:

  1. Stiff Tap/Faucet Handles: If turning the tap/faucet handles feels stiff or difficult, it may indicate internal components that need lubrication or replacement.
  2. Persistent Leaks: A dripping tap/faucet not only wastes water but also drives up your utility bills. Whether it’s a slow drip or a constant stream, addressing leaks promptly is essential.
  3. Unexplained Banging Noises: If you hear loud banging noises when turning on the tap/faucet, it could be a sign of a water hammer, which occurs when water flow is suddenly disrupted.
  4. Broken Tap/Faucet Handles: When the tap/faucet handles become loose or break off entirely, it can be challenging to control water flow, leading to inconvenience and potential water damage. Usually, it is more practical to replace the entire tap/faucet.
Repair Water Tap with Stiff Handle
Shaky Kitchen Faucet with Loose Base

Understanding Tap/Faucet Mechanisms

Different types of taps require specific repair approaches.

4 main types of taps are commonly found in Singapore homes:

  1. Compression Washer Taps
    • These traditional taps feature washers that press down to stop water flow.
    • They are prone to leaks and require periodic washer replacement.
  2. Ball Taps
    • Also known as mixer taps, these have a single lever handle controlling hot and cold water flow.
    • Issues may arise with the ball or O-ring, causing leaks.
  3. Ceramic Disk Taps
    • With a wide cylindrical body, are also single handle mixer taps.
    • Over time, the ceramic disks usually wear out, requiring the replacement of the cylinder or the entire tap. 
    • Tiny particles of dirt or grit can trap between the ceramic washers, preventing them from closing correctly. 
    • Sediment buildup or disk wear can lead to leaks over time.
  4. Cartridge Taps
    • Can be single-handled or double-handled. 
    • They have an internal cartridge which, when twisted, allows water to pass through.
    • Repairing cartridge taps can be complex due to their multifunctional design.

Professional Tap/Faucet Repair Services

No matter what type of tap/faucet you have, our plumbing specialists will be able to troubleshoot and fix your faulty tap/faucet efficiently for you.

You don’t have to spend endless hours trying to figure out how to replace your tap/faucet washer or reseat your valve, only to find out that it still does not solve your tap/faucet problem. You don’t have to pay huge water bills (due to a leaky tap/faucet) without knowing where the leak came from.

Our experienced specialists can diagnose tap issues accurately and recommend the most effective solutions. We have the expertise and tools to get the job done right, whether it is replacing washers, repairing cartridges, or installing new taps/faucets.

Common taps we repair include:

  • kitchen faucets
  • washbasin taps
  • bathroom shower mixer taps
  • double shower taps
  • bidet taps and sprays
  • toilet taps
  • washing machine taps

Book an appointment with us today and let our plumbers advise you whether your faulty tap/faucet should be repaired or replaced.


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