How To Maintain Your Toilet Bowls

A Clean & Hygienic Toilet Bowl

Learn how to keep your toilet bowls hygienic and clean at all times.

We often find there is a black stubborn patch of stain inside our toilet bowl trap. In addition, we can also see black/brown/yellow rings around our toilet bowl, and under the toilet rim.

extremely dirty toilet
An Extremely Dirty Toilet

These may be due to the buildup of toxic substances that not only smell awful, they can potential cause health issues to you and your family. The constant change between wet and dry conditions inside a toilet bowl makes it the perfect breeding ground for mould, mildew, germs and bacteria.

What Causes The Black Rings In Toilet Bowls

There are 3 main causes: Hard water deposits, mold and mildew, sewer organisms.

1. Hard Water Deposits

Whenever your home’s water supply comes into contact regularly with surfaces such as taps, faucets, shower heads, toilet bowls etc, residue will accumulate on these surfaces. Water flows from the toilet tank into the toilet bowl through a series of small holes/ports located under the toilet rim. Over time, hard water deposits will build up in the holes, around the holes and at the rim of the toilet bowl. This residue will cause faeces and grime to collect there when they are not washed down the drain after every flush.

2. Mould And Mildew

The damp environment of the toilet is a favourite breeding place for mould and mildew. Both fungi require only 24-48 hours for colonies to start breeding under the toilet rim (where water deposits build up). As it propagates, you will notice black rings inside the toilet bowl. Such fungi releases tiny spores into the air, and can cause respiratory problems and allergic reactions for us.

3. Sewer Organisms

While not visible to the naked eye, these living organisms feed off the waste in our sewer systems and drain pipes.  Especially in Singapore’s hot and humid climate, these living things pass through the toilet’s trap and make their way into our toilet bowl. They then live under the toilet rim and release an awful stench, similar to a sewer, after every flush.

Below are 4 pictures of those stubborn stains in the toilet bowls, under the rims, in the traps, even on the toilet seats and toilet seat covers – in varying degrees of dirtiness, and in varying shades of black-brown-yellow-green.

Toilet Bowl Stains
More Toilet Bowl Stains
Stubborn Stains In Toilet Bowl
Stains On Toilet Bowl, Seat And Cover

Routine Maintenance For Your Toilet Bowl

In order to upkeep the hygiene and maintain the look of our toilet bowl, we need to be diligent and clean it daily. For general maintenance, just a few minutes per day will suffice.

Clean outside of the toilet bowl with liquid anti-bacterial detergent. For stubborn spots, use a soft nylon-bristle brush too.

maintain toilet bowl scrub w brush
Scrubbing With A Brush

In hard water areas, use a combined cleaner and limescale remover. Never leave cleaning products on for too long, as these chemicals could penetrate the toilet bowl surface through worn out areas or cracks in the glaze – resulting in discolouration.

To prevent toilet blockages, pour 150g washing soda into the toilet bowl, then flush.

Disinfecting Your Toilet Bowl And Toilet Brush

Clean your toilet bowl with a toilet bowl cleaner together with a long-handled rim brush.  Clean the rim holes and to clean as far into the trap as possible.  This prevents mineral deposits from forming.

Add disinfectant and leave it for 30mins. Clean the toilet brush by swirling it around the toilet bowl, then let it stand in a fresh mixture of disinfectant in the toilet bowl for 20mins.

While the brush is soaking, wash the toilet brush stand with a disinfectant cleaner. Rinse the brush and replace it in the stand.

Replacing Your Dirty Stained Toilet Bowl

If you have difficulty getting rid of those stubborn stains on your toilet bowl, you can engage a professional cleaning company to conduct a thorough chemical clean.

Gross Toilet Bowl
Very Gross Toilet Bowl

However, if you really cannot stand the old, dirty, badly stained toilet bowl, you can contact our team of plumbing experts to replace it with a brand new efficient toilet bowl. For a throne which you sits on daily, for your comfort and enjoyment, it would be money well spent.


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