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Light Repair: Troubleshooting and Fixing Common Lighting Issues

Have you experienced going to the toilet at night, tried switching on the ceiling light but found that it is not working?  Disturbed by the flickering wall light in your bedroom, such that you are unable to finish reading your favourite book?

Was your family dinner disrupted by a fused light bulb?  Or maybe some parts of your LED lights are not working in the living room?  Need help changing that fluorescent tube in your kitchen?

One Blown Bulb or Faulty Ballast?

In modern Singapore, we often take it for granted that whenever we flip on the light switch, our light fixtures will work perfectly.  However, like any electrical appliance, lights can encounter issues requiring repair.

In this guide, we’ll explore common light problems encountered by Singapore homeowners and provide practical solutions for light repair.

Understanding Common Light Problems

  1. Flickering Lights
    • If your light keeps flickering on and off, it could indicate that the bulb’s filament is nearly gone, or perhaps the switch contacts are deteriorating.
    • It could also mean that there are some loose electrical connections somewhere – the switch, the panel, the junction box or the light socket, which prevents the electricity from flowing smoothly to your light fixture.
    • If this blinking light problem is happening throughout your home, more often than not, the main wire connection has some issues.
  2. Cannot Switch On Light Fixtures
    • This problem may stem from various issues, including a faulty light fixture, damaged wiring, or a tripped circuit breaker.
    • The bulb or light tube may have fused or may be faulty. 
    • The electronic starter or driver components may have malfunctioned.
    • There may be some problem with the electrical wiring to the light fixtures or the light switch. 
    • Some of the electronic components or wiring has worn down due to prolong usage or due to aging.
  3. Buzzing or Humming Lights
    • May be caused by loose light bulbs, faulty dimmer switches, or incompatible bulb types.
    • Begin by tightening the light bulbs to see if the noise diminishes.
    • If not, consider replacing the bulbs with a different type or brand.
    • If the issue persists, inspect the dimmer switch for any signs of damage or overheating.
    • It’s advisable to consult a qualified electrician to address buzzing or humming lights, as it could indicate a more significant electrical problem.
  4. Light Bulbs Burning Out Too Soon
    • Using a light bulb with the wrong wattage may prevent the attached light fixture from efficiently dissipating heat, leading to the light bulb burning out faster than usual.
    • There could be some loose electrical connections in the wire circuitry or within the light socket itself. 
    • The light bulb may simply be of an inferior quality.
A Flickering LED Light
Fluorescent Light Cannot Turn On Due To Faulty Ballast
LED ceiling light driver repair
LED Light Driver Requires Repairs

DIY Light Repair Tips

  1. Replacing Light Bulbs:
    • One of the simplest light repair tasks is replacing light bulbs.
    • The replacement bulb should be of the same type and wattage to replace the blown or flickering bulb.
    • Turn off the power before removing the old bulb and inserting the new one.
    • Be cautious when handling bulbs to avoid breakage or injury.
  2. Checking Light Switches:
    • Sometimes, the issue may lie with the light switch rather than the bulb or fixture (eg. ballast, driver etc).
    • Test the switch by toggling it on and off to see if it’s functioning correctly.
    • Replace the switch if it feels loose or doesn’t respond consistently.
    • Remember to turn off the power at the circuit breaker before attempting any repairs on light switches.
fluorescent light bulbs - half not working
Half Of The Fluorescent Tubes Are Not Working – May Be Blown

Leaving The Electrical Light Repairs To The Experts

Unless you have the patience and expertise to troubleshoot each and every component of your light fixture, replace the faulty ballast or LED driver etc, rewire the cabling when necessary, and more….

LED downlight driver
New LED Downlight Driver to Replace Faulty Driver
repair of faulty fluorescent light ballast
Repair Faulty Ballast Of Fluorescent Light
Repair The LED Light Which Is Falling Off
Lighting Repair – Changing Of Electronic Ballast

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